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Kim Fisher's Story

Kim is known for traditional values and the fortitude to stand for those values. She is currently serving in her second term as a Governing Board Member in the Deer Valley Unified School District. In her service, her votes have been consistent to what she says and she has been a advocate for the rights of the parents to influence their children's education.  Kim believes in all forms of education at the discretion of the parents. There is no one system works for all when it comes to children. She is the mother of three+ and has used multiple types of education systems for her children. From the time when the Fisher family was in the US Army with their daughter in the DOD schools to now when they are still using an ESA to homeschool their son's final education, Kim has been very involved and has a lot of first hand knowledge of the various forms of education available in Arizona.  In DVUSD we have families who attend our schools and still use other forms of education because it is what is best for their children.  Kim knows it is important that we provide all the support we can for these families. 
Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management(Human Resources), a Master of Accounting and Finance Management, and has a standard specialized teaching certificate for K-12 CTE Business/Marketing. Six of her thirty years in administration/management were school district related. She currently is employed as a Comptroller(CFO).
Her focus in her first term was ensuring legal compliance, transparency, continuous improvement, and championing efficiency, special education, and various employee relations improvements. She ran for her current term because of the questionable topics being pushed into schools around the country hoping to protect the children in her local area and ensuring Parents are the primary decision maker in the education of their students. The Covid years, slow recovery, and increased divide in the community led Kim to consider running to serve one more term.  The support from the community in encouragement and in obtaining the signatures needed to run made the consideration a reality.  Kim knows we came a long way to excellence before and we can unite to get there again.  As the education system has taken so many out of control twists in the last few years while DVUSD slipped to a B rating and lost enrollment, it was clear that the district needs a Board Member who:
  1. Has knowledge of all forms of education available in AZ
  2. Is well versed in School Finance
  3. Understands the challenges parents are facing as they decide how to educate their children
  4. Believes that parents need the tools to navigate the systems and Deserve the respect of those in the industry
  5. Understands the need for good teachers and the need to address those who have agendas
  6. Understands the fringe issues to ensure parents are informed and can influence their child's education 
  7. Understands Title 15, is prepared to work with our legislators to help clean up education laws, and ensures DVUSD is following the laws and policies
Kim has the education and knowledge of all these areas and much more. She has the knowledge from her years of advocacy for parents and from her work trying to bring transparency and legally compliant operations in the public education system.